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Question: EMTs Not Willing to Do CE

Do you know some EMTs only complete the minimum required CE? When I reapply every two year I usually have way more than the minimum required CE hours. In some categories I often have double the required hours. One person, me, does not make a focus group, but nonetheless I was puzzled when I received […]

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Free CE from Society of Chest Pain Centers #EMSWeek

The Society of Chest Pain Centers is offering a free continuing education (CE) lesson for EMTs and Paramedics during 2010 EMS Week. The CE Lesson “Responder Lite! STEMI Recognition,” is a new, interactive, online acute coronary syndrome (ACS) program developed to provide education and training related to the following: * ACS presentation * Indications for […]

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Avalanche CE Lesson for EMTs and Paramedics (#31DaysofCE)

As I squeezed my arms to my chest harder to stay warm I pondered the several feet of snow between me and the blue sky. I knew I had only been buried for a few minutes but it seemed like half a day because of the sudden change from full daylight to the barely visible […]

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AIDS/HIV Continuing Education for EMTs and Paramedics (#31daysofCE)

Today (December 1, 2009) is World AIDS Day. The purpose of this day is to draw attention to the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. To learn more visit the CDC World Aids day website. Many EMTs and Paramedics have a regular continuing education requirement to learn about HIV/AIDS symptoms, transmission, prevention, and treatment. This requirement is often […]

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Geriatric Patient Assessment Tips

Everyday EMS geriatric assessment tips for any geriatric patient: Introduce yourself Explain your actions before and as you do them Ask a single question at a time Wait for the patient to think through their answer before interrupting with a new question or re-asking the same question Listen to the patient’s answer Only raise your […]

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3 Ways to Learn More about Risks and Hazards of Meth

Use these Everyday EMS Tips resources to learn more about the risks and hazards of crystal meth. As you probably know meth patients and meth labs pose a significant hazardous materials exposure risk to emergency responders. Methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug that has a severe impact on the central nervous system. Police officers, fire […]