What questions need to be answered when purchasing EMS drugs?

EMTs and paramedics administer numerous drugs, like epinephrine for anaphylaxis, albuterol for asthma, and nitroglycerine for chest pain, to treat life-threatening medical conditions and relieve patient pain. The administration of those drugs is governed by scope of practice rules or statutes and medical director-approved protocols. The decisions of which drug formulations or brands to purchase, […]


Alternate Posting Location: Earth Day Energy and Money Saving Tips

At I have shared tips for saving energy at home or work. The tips I share in the post are saving us so much that our utility bill actually went down during the winter and I saved enough to get a whole month of energy use credit. In 2009 I wrote about doing the […]

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Sales of Blackberry Shift Calendar Benefit Chronicles of EMS

Everyday EMS Tips readers looking for a shift calendar application for your Blackberry check out BBShiftCal from Gasda Software. The software description states, “The Blackberry Shift Calendar is a simple monthly view of a Firefighters platoon style shift calendar. You will find the layout very similar to the paper calendar’s you are already used to. […]

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Questions to Ask Before Purchasing New EMS Equipment

Many EMS agencies are preparing budgets for the next fiscal year. More than ever funds are tight and cutbacks are likely. This article about the lack of 12 lead capable cardiac monitors in Chicago Fire Department ambulances gets at the complexity of purchasing new equipment. In an Everyday EMS Tips column I encouraged readers […]