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Ambulance Strike Team – Be at Your Best

Even though it’s snowing outside my window in Wisconsin there are still paramedics deployed as Ambulance Strike Teams in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael. And there are paramedics feeling the heat of not exercising appropriate professional behavior, especially between shifts. Read Hurricane deployment is not Beach Week for Ambulance Strike TeamsĀ on

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5 Reasons You Won’t Get a Job as an EMT

Here are five things that will make it really hard to become certified and ever employed as an EMT or paramedic. 1. Felony conviction for abuse Any felony conviction is bad. But a felony conviction for child, sexual or elder abuse makes it especially unlikely you will ever be employed as an EMT. 2. Drug […]

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EMS Habits for Life

On-the-job habits can quickly become life habits. The habits I learned and developed as a paramedic didn’t get left in the ambulance. A commitment to PPE, avoidance of alcohol-fueled stupidity and geriatric fall prevention are habits I carry into my personal life. Read at 3 paramedic habits I can’t shake


When a Co-Worker is Intoxicated

Have you ever suspected that a co-worker is intoxicated? Has a co-worker boasted to you that they left the bar just a few hours before their shift started? The consequences of an intoxicated employee can be deadly to the person, your patients, and to you. This is what I have done when I suspect a […]