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New Arrivals: Rescuing Providence and Flesh Mechanic

I just received two new books from EMS authors.  is from Lt. Michael Morse.  is from Russ Reina. I am scheduling Medical Author Chat interviews with both authors in 2011. Have you read either book? If you have and would like me to link to your review or publish your review here let me know.

Essential Elements of a Hand-Off Report

EMS professionals deliver two reports for every patient - the radio report and the hand-off report. A hand-off report is not a verbatim repeat...

Podcast: Interview with Ambulance Education author Joseph Clark

Listen to this interview with Joseph Clark about his book Ambulance Education. This episode was originally broadcast at EverydayEMSTips.com. Browse to Everyday EMS Tips to read the episode show notes.

Announcement: Formidable Footprint – A Series of National Neighborhood Tabletop Exercises

Interested in helping your neighborhood or community be prepared for a disaster? Check out the Formidable Footprint: "Led by the Disaster Resistant Communities Group a...

Podcast: Interview with Paramedic Buff to Burnt author George Steffensen

Listen to this interview with George Steffensen about his book Paramedic Buff to Burnt. This episode was originally broadcast at EverydayEMSTips.com. Browse to Everyday EMS Tips to read the episode show notes.

Everyday EMS Athlete Profile: Matt Welander

Good Shoes and a Decent Hat; Tips for Runners from an EMS Athlete I am continuing my search for EMS professionals who have a passion...

3 Things that are Merely Interesting

Here are three things that are merely interesting to me: 1. A single set of vital signs. Multiple sets are needed to see a trend...

Friendly Reminder: December Handover Submissions Being Accepted

Leanne is still collecting submissions for the December edition of the Handover Blog carnival. Stop over to her blog to read about the theme...

3 Excellent Android Apps

Thanks to paramedic educator Chris Cannon for this guest post. If you would like to guest post or review on Everyday EMS Tips check out...

Magnum's 12 Days of Christmas

Check out this great promotion from my friends at Magnum to win great Magnum gear during Magnum's 12 days of Christmas.

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