EMS Tips

EMS Tips – Falcon Heavy Rocket – Firefighters Held at Gun Point – Wash your Stinking Hands!

1. SpaceX launched a really, really big rocket In one of my favorite Simpson’s episodes Homer bemoans another boring space launch. Unlike Homer I am fascinated watching the recent SpaceX launches streamed live from Florida, Texas or Orlando. Even more amazing to me is the booster rockets gliding/falling back to earth and then landing upright […]

EMS Education Tips

Alternate Posting Location: MedicCast Episode 376 from EMS Today 2014

Jamie Davis, the pod medic, was kind enough to let me guest host an EMS education related episode of the MedicCast from the EMS Today 2014 Exhibit hall. The episode starts at the 12:15 mark in the video. I discuss Google Glass, NREMT Testing, and hybrid (online and classroom) education with Gabe Romero and Justin […]

Book Reviews

Book Review: 2 Weeks a Year Finding Humor in Iraq

[amazon-product text=”2 Weeks a Year Finding Humor in Iraq” type=”text”]B006P0HW5K[/amazon-product], by SSG Trent Cherin, is an ebook chronicle of SSG Cherin’s experience deployed in Iraq for a year spanning 2003 and 2004. 2 Weeks a Year caught my eye as I was browsing the Kindle owners lending library because the cover photo is of the […]

Everyday EMS Athlete

Everyday EMS Athlete Profile: Matt Welander

Good Shoes and a Decent Hat; Tips for Runners from an EMS Athlete I am continuing my search for EMS professionals who have a passion for an athletic activity that gives them that performance edge. The people who demonstrate their success is directly related to their efforts. People who take care of themselves so they […]