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3 Excellent Android Apps

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My droid smartphone has been a godsend for getting things done. While the preinstalled applications are pretty good, this device really shines with the help of some excellent apps. Here are 3 of my favorites:

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cross-platform file sharing app. With 2 gigs of free online space, browser access, and support for nearly every OS and device, this app is incredibly useful for accessing your files from any location.

2. AppBrain

AppBrain is an excellent upgrade of the Android Market. It has a nice recommended apps feature and the ability to share your apps on social sites, but my favorite feature is the ability to easily update all other installed apps.

3. PDANet

PDANet allows your droid phone to function as a modem for your laptop computer. Not as stylish as a mobile hotspot, but this is a really useful app for those of us with older (non-rooted) phones that are incapable of WiFi hotspot generation.

Chris Cannon is the director of EMS education and department chair of allied health education at Cowley College (Cowley EMS). He is an avid user of mobile and tech devices, previously as a field medic and more recently as an EMS educator and administrator.

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