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EMS Tips – Distracted Driving Carrot or Stick – Zero Commercial Aviation Fatalities

1. Carrot, stick or both to reduce distracted driving Christina Dempsey, a Virginia firefighter-paramedic, is pushing for tougher distracted driving laws in her state. “I really want to see this law go through. It may help prevent other families from going through what my family has and continues to go through.” On Aug. 27, 2013, […]

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Make the Kids Responsible

Like many things it’s much easier to require kids to do the work. Michigan is the latest state to pass legislation requiring high schools to teach hands-only CPR to students. More than half the states, including California, Kentucky and Illinois have a similar graduation requirement. I am not a fan of the “make the kids do […]


Stethoscope, Smartphone, Trauma Shears, Gloves and Pistol

If I was casting and outfitting an actor to play the role of paramedic on television I would make sure their costume, for the sake of authenticity, included: Stethoscope, casually slung around the neck or half tucked into a cargo pocket Smartphone, holstered on a tactical belt in an Otter Box or other type of […]