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EMS is (gradually) changing and always improving

EMS Week 2021 column on An EMS Week thank you to the dreamers and disrupters who have and will continue to improve our profession. Gradual change transforms EMS on

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Priority Posts from Outside the Service Area

I overheard some priority traffic from other EMS bloggers and education programs that I wanted to share with Everyday EMS Tips readers. Blog Posts 1. Sean from Medic Madness has started a new feature titled “Celebrity Paramedics.” He has already featured Batman and Chuck Norris. I once rented a room with another couple in northern […]

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Video: Dramatic Design Improvements Increase Safety

After watching this video of a crash between a 1959 Chevy Bel Air and a 2009 Chevy Malibu ask yourself a few of these questions: 1. If a new airway tool is safer and more effective than its predecessor should I use it or fight it? 2. How is the patient care compartment of the […]