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I am the 0.045%

According to a February 2012 Outside magazine article there were only 140,000 runners that completed two or more marathons in 2010. Assuming that it...
Meeting a friend at a Disney character meal

20 Walt Disney World Tips | Vacation Planning

Walt Disney World is one of my favorite places. I was fortunate to go there several times as a kid. Most recently I went...

Book Review: Google+ for Business by Chris Brogan

Google+ is Google's foray into social networking and how to use it for business is the topic of 0789749149 by marketing expert and social media evangelist Chris...

Video: Math Instruction from the Kahn Academy

Medical Math is division and multiplication where the variables are dose size, rate, patient weight, or fluid volume. As you are trying to learn...

Everyday EMS Athlete Profile: Bryan Fass

EMS professionals are challenged to balance work, family, and other obligations while also staying or striving for mental and physical fitness. The Everyday EMS...

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