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Paramedics and President Trump

In paramedic school we learn a myriad of medical problems – from the unique to common. And new medics are prone to consider everything as equally possible instead of the most likely problem. So many EMS educators use this short exercise. To their students: “Close your eyes. Now imagine you are on a large grassy expanse […]

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Book Review: Google+ for Business by Chris Brogan

Google+ is Google’s foray into social networking and how to use it for business is the topic of  by marketing expert and social media evangelist Chris Brogan. In the book, which I read on my Kindle Fire, Chris overviews Google+ with a focus on business. Considering the challenge of writing a book during the infancy of the […]

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5 Actions Before Banning Employee Use of Social Media

Confrontations between employees and employers over social media usage continues to be a top news story. Of course,every organization needs a social media policy, but if your policy development is driven by worries that employees are going to complain about poor working conditions and low pay on Facebook I suggest these things: 1. Improve working […]

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Social Media Policies: Interview With Roberta Jackson

Many EMS professionals are using social media – on and off the job. Do you use social media? What kind of guidance do you get from your employer about social media use on and off the job. General Everyday EMS Tips for using social media are: 1. Use social media to support your personal and […]