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Race Day: Bellin Run 2012 #BellinRun

This morning I am running the Bellin 10K in Green Bay, Wisconsin. More than 17,000 runners and walkers will join me at the start...

Starting a Workplace Running Club or Team – 3 Tips

Recently Everyday EMS Athlete Mark Bandy was profiled. Mark's service, Mid Georgia Ambulance, has a running team called Run for Your Life. I asked...

Thready or Bounding … How do You Define?

I was asked, "Would you describe that pulse as thready?" I have never had a good grasp of what is meant by "thready" or "bounding"...

Keynote Speaker Ideas for an EMS Conference

I was asked for ideas for an EMS Conference keynote speaker. My suggestions are in these categories: Popular and Regular Conference Speakers that deliver a...

Press Release: University of New England Wilderness Medicine Elective

UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND OFFERS WILDERNESS MEDICINE ELECTIVE July 16-24 2012 Highland Plantation, ME Claybrook Mountain Lodge Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA) International has teamed up with University of...

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