Keynote Speaker Ideas for an EMS Conference


I was asked for ideas for an EMS Conference keynote speaker. My suggestions are in these categories:

Popular and Regular Conference Speakers that deliver a fantastic presentation:

  • Dr Bledsoe
  • Dr Wesley
  • Steve Berry
  • Mike McEvoy
  • Baxter Larmon
  • Chris LeBradour
Lesser known, but still high quality speakers:
  • Steve Whitehead
  • Kyle Bates
  • Steve Kanarian
  • Tim Hillier
  • Tim Burrows
  • Rob Theriault
  • Chris Cebollero
EMS professionals that I would like to see present:
  • Kelly Grayson
  • Bill Toon
  • Scott Kier
  • Justin Schoor
  • Peter Canning
  • Michael Morse
I am sure I am missing some of your favorite speakers and some top notch up and comers. Who would you add to these lists?