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Hydration Tips for Operational Athletes during Hot and Prolonged Operations

I have always like the term “operational athlete” (I believe introduced to me by Bryan Fass) to describe paramedics, firefighters, and police officers. In many situations emergency responders need to rapidly transition from a period of non-activity to either a burst of anaerobic energy, like lifting a patient, or to a sustained aerobic effort, like […]

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Race Recap: Bellin 10K 2012

The Bellin 10K is one of the largest 10K races in the United States. Today I was proud to toe the starting line with more than 18,000 runners and walkers for a jaunt through the tree lined streets of Green Bay and Allouez. Race recap short version: Hot. Windy. Humid. Sunny. No PR. Disappointment. Still […]

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Heat Emergency Assessment Tips

Assessment of Heat Emergencies (heat stroke and heat exhaustion) starts with the scene size-up. Make the scene safe or safer for the patient by ending the heat challenge. Do this by: 1. Removing the patient from the hot environment 2. Shading the patient from direct sun 3. Insulating the patient from hot surfaces like asphalt […]