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EMS Tips – Active Shooter Response – LE Mental Health Funding

1. Civilians are part of active shooter response Runners, concertgoers, parishoners, teachers, students and other civilians always begin care before first responders arrive to an active shooter incident. Rob Wylie,, applauds the acknowledgement of bystander first care in the provisional NFPA 3000 standard. “The fact of the matter is this: No matter how robust […]

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The Code Green Campaign – #SavingPublicSafety

You are not alone. If you need help The Code Green help and resources page has links and numbers for immediate mental health assistance.

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Bystander Videos Angry Captain at Landing Zone: More to this Story?

Have you seen the video yet of the angry captain defending the landing zone from a videographer? The incident is well covered by (includes video) and the Happy Medic has some good thoughts as well. An Ugly Incident  If you can handle it, watch the video. I found it really painful to watch. This is an […]

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Psychological First Aid Resources

After a natural disaster the news media will often say things like, “residents of this small town are in shock this morning after a tornado ripped through this neighborhood in the middle of the night.” As you know ‘shock’ is a physiological problem related to inadequate perfusion. What the media is calling shock is the […]