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Best AHA Courses Yet – Isn’t it ironic

The 2010 AHA guidelines, as I recall, were released in late 2010. Meaning I would have first recertified to the updated guidelines in 2012. And then again in 2014. With my NREMT re-registration nearing (March 31) and Wisconsin EMT-P due at the end of the June I needed to recertify BLS healthcare provider and ACLS. I also […]

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What If: CPR Certification as a Pre-Req

What if CPR certification was a requirement for a concealed carry weapons permit? What if CPR certification was a requirement for a drivers license? What if CPR certification was a requirement for receiving a high school diploma? What if CPR certification was a requirement for eligibility for food stamps? What if CPR certification was a […]

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Video: Paramedic Explains New CPR Guidelines to Medical Director

An enthusiastic paramedic just reviewed the new American Heart Association guidelines for Emergency Cardiac Care. The new paramedic excitedly explains the guidelines to their medical director. The medical director’s enthusiasm for protocol change and re-training is palpable. Many months will pass using the old guidelines. A metaphorical video told by a puppy and a geriatric […]

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5 Ways to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of CPR

Fifty years ago CPR was invented by combining mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with chest compressions to create cardiopulmonary resuscitation. While a lot has changed in the last fifty years the underlying concepts of applying external mechanical force to assist circulation with the goal of coronary and cerebral perfusion remains the same. Information from the AHA on 50 […]

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Video: Hands Only CPR

I once sat next to a rocket scientist on an airplane. I am pretty sure I could have taught him CPR. Remember: 1. Call 911 2. Push hard and push fast American Heart Association video proves even rocket scientists can do CPR. Name the tune on the sound track of this video?