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Book Recommendations for EMTs and Paramedics November 2013

Looking for a great gift for the EMT or Paramedic in your life? Or need a great book to pass the time between calls? Paramedico I...

Gone Hunting and Other Offline Adventures

Deer hunting in Wisconsin starts tomorrow. Prep for hunting and other offline adventures has been keeping me really busy lately. I hope to share...

Commercial: Pre-Med Paramedic Pitching Windows 8

I rarely watch live television, but as I zipped through commercials with the DVR this Microsoft advertisement caught my eye. Personally, I would be more...

Never Swerve to Avoid a Deer Collision

Fire department tanker on its way to a structure fire overturned and injured four firefighters after swerving to avoid a deer collision. Never swerve. The...

Cold Weather Running Haiku for the Wind Brief

Cold November wind Moon illuminates the woods Do not nip the tip --- A haiku to mark the occasion of my first cold weather (wind brief needed) run...

The Story of Ralph Carr: A Principled Politician

Last night I heard the story of Ralph Carr, the Governor of Colorado, who fought against the internment of Japanese Americans during World War...

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