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Commercial: Pre-Med Paramedic Pitching Windows 8

I rarely watch live television, but as I zipped through commercials with the DVR this Microsoft advertisement caught my eye. Personally, I would be more likely to purchase a Chromebook, but she makes a pretty good case for this Windows 8 2-in-1 device.


Product: Outdoor Products Power Pack Daypack

I have been doing a lot of travelling. Since September 1 I have been to Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, and Orlando. I am in Baltimore now, heading to St. Louis at the end of this week and going to Toronto next week. My current backpack/computer bag is starting to fray at the seams and is […]

Operations Products

Tablet Computer Displays – 3 Types

This is a guest post by Bill Graulty from ARMOR Rugged Mobile Computers. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. The principal medium to retrieve and input information on a tablet device is the display. EMS professionals must be able to read the display in light conditions ranging from […]