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CE Mash-Up: Active Shooter Incident and EMS Response

Created February 28, 2012. Updated on March 6, 2012, July 30, 2012, January 25, 2013. The school shooting in Chardon, Ohio is a reminder that active...

February Posts Outside the Service Area: Paramedic Refresher

I have nearly completed the requirements for my paramedic refresher which has included health care provider certification, ACLS certification, PALS certification, classroom lectures, skill...

Video: PowerPoint Animation to Create a News Ticker

Short screencast on creating a PowerPoint Animation for a news ticker effect.

Video: What to do when you miss an IV

From the excellent "Remember 2 Things Video Series" by Steve Whitehead at ParamedicTV is powered by Some other things to consider: 1. Visualize how success...

Infographic: Cheating and Academic Dishonesty

A week from today I am presenting "Is it Cheating or is it Group Problem Solving" at EMS Today. During my research I found...

Alternate Posting Locations: War Stories or Field Anecdotes

As an educator or training officer do you use war stories or field anecdotes? How do you use them and more importantly how do...

Updated: Hot Training Topics

I regularly update the Hot Training Topics posts in the Everyday EMS Tips Archives. Visit the Hot Topics to find links, resources, guides, videos,...

3 Full Length Concert Videos

I have been getting a kick of looking for (and then watching) full length concert videos on YouTube. Here are three I have watched...

Great News for the Prosthetic Medic

Joe Riffe, the prosthetic medic, received some bad news and some AMAZING news this week. Read the bad news first. Denied. Then read the AMAZING, SUPER...

February Mailbag: Auto Injectors and Other Training Aids

Four training products have recently arrived at Everyday EMS Tips Headquarters that are featured in this video. Learn more about these training aids and products...

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