July Alternate Posting Locations: Products for EMS

Dr. David Johnson writes about when to use tourniquets on the Wilderness Medical Associates blog. Rogue Medic shares a Facebook thread of fears of litigation and anecdotal experience confused with scientific proof about the use of tourniquets in his post on Facebook medics let imaginary lawyers tell them what to do. Paramedic product innovator and […]


Video: Roadside Safety for EMS Professionals

When you are outside the ambulance on the roadway all vehicles are PARAMEDIC SEEKING MISSILES! Lights, vests, chevrons, cones, signs, and flag wavers are merely interesting to the intoxicated and or intexicated driver. Good conversation from about roadside safety. ParamedicTV is powered by

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Nobody Cares About Your Safety …

More than you care about your safety. The long standing failure of Congress to vote on healthcare for emergency responders that become sick after working at the site of the World Trade Center collapse was finally rectified when the Senate passed a the important measure to provide healthcare and additional compensation funding. The debate is […]