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July Alternate Posting Locations: Products for EMS


Dr. David Johnson writes about when to use tourniquets on the Wilderness Medical Associates blog.

Rogue Medic shares a Facebook thread of fears of litigation and anecdotal experience confused with scientific proof about the use of tourniquets in his post on Facebook medics let imaginary lawyers tell them what to do.

Paramedic product innovator and commentator Dan White writes about the R-CAT Window for STEMI at EMS1.com.

Lion Apparel has a series of training videos about PPE and their products.

Steve Whitehead writes about the proliferation of medical identification products.

Road ID continues to their efforts to make sure emergency responders know about their products for endurance athletes.

Although this isn’t a product related post, the author asks some important questions and provides resources for EMS professionals to stay safe at roadside incidents.

On the go EMS scheduling with EMS Manager.

Post updated 8/1/2012