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Alternate Posting Locations: New Podcast Episodes Posted and a free ebook

EMSEduCast: Training for the Active Shooter Incident On episode 156 we discuss the preparation and training of EMS providers for active shooter incidents. We discuss how EMS can prepare and train with law enforcement, move into the warm zone with a law enforcement escort, and appropriate BLS life-saving care. Medical Author Chat: Interview with Dave […]

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Free Kindle Download: 2 Weeks a Year Finding Humor While Deployed in Iraq

EMS Week Special Only available until midnight tonight (Tuesday) … download for the Kindle [amazon-product text=”2 Weeks a Year” type=”text”]B006P0HW5K[/amazon-product]: Finding Humor While Deployed in Iraq by retired Army National Guard combat medic Trent Cherin. Learn more about the book and Trent’s experience in this episode of the Medical Author Chat podcast.

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Book Review: 2 Weeks a Year Finding Humor in Iraq

[amazon-product text=”2 Weeks a Year Finding Humor in Iraq” type=”text”]B006P0HW5K[/amazon-product], by SSG Trent Cherin, is an ebook chronicle of SSG Cherin’s experience deployed in Iraq for a year spanning 2003 and 2004. 2 Weeks a Year caught my eye as I was browsing the Kindle owners lending library because the cover photo is of the […]