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NAEMSP Discussion on Prehospital Pain Management

Prehospital Pain Management is the focus of the current NAEMSP Dialog. The moderated discussion group is being led by top proponents of prehospital pain management. Reading the posts and associated documents is a great way be up to date on current pain management best practices. In addition remember these pain management principles: 1. Assess pain […]

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Understanding EMS Research: EMSEduCast Episode 42

The final 2009 episode of the EMSEduCast – the podcast by and for EMS Educators discussed accessing, reading, and using research for EMS education. The cast included regular co-hosts Greg Friese, Buck Feris, and Rob Theriault. They were joined by educators Bill Toon and Tim Noonan. Listen to episode 42 at Make sure you […]

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Accessing and Understanding Journal Articles (#31daysofCE)

Episode 42 of the EMSEduCast – the podcast by and for EMS Educators – is a robust discussion about finding and using EMS research for education. The conversation features the regular co-hosts (Buck Feris, Greg Friese, and Rob Theriault) are joined by EMS Educators Bill Toon and Tim Noonan. We discuss important concepts, finding journals […]

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Favorites: Best Blog Post Titles of the Week

The Song that Never Ends is a post by the Rescue Monkey about the recent IAFF/IAFC position paper on how EMS is best delivered. The Magic Sirens Prevent Ambulance Drivers from Hitting Things is an outstanding post by Rogue Medic about what really makes a difference in reducing ambulance collisions. (hint: it’s not sirens.) The […]

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Tips to Reduce Intersection Collisions

A ┬áheadline at proclaims “Howler Siren Cuts Ambulance Wrecks in Half.” The service mentioned in the article reduced its intersection collisions from 16 to 8 after installing a new type of siren that emits a low frequency tone that causes reverberation. Of course collision reduction is great news, but this is likely a good […]