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Do We Really Need More POVs with Emergency Lights?

A recent article briefly described a new Michigan law that expands the type of responders that can use emergency lights on personal operated vehicles. If you are responding to the station or the incident in your personally owned vehicle carefully consider the necessity of emergency lights, even if you are allowed, and check out […]

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Video: Move to the Right for Red Lights and Sirens

Great Public Service Announcement video from Tuscaloosa Fire & Rescue Service, Alabama. I like this video because it: 1. Addresses a common frustration of emergency vehicle operators. 2. Involves department members in the production. 3. Uses a social media channel, YouTube, to broadly distribute the message – inside and outside of their service area. 4. […]

Operations Safety Tips

7 Tips for Responding in your POV

If you are a volunteer you probably respond to your station or even the incident in your own vehicle, also known as a privately owned vehicle (POV). For all responders and for all types of incidents, safety starts at the time of call. These are my Everyday EMS tips for reaching the incident safely when […]

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Tips to Reduce Intersection Collisions

A ┬áheadline at proclaims “Howler Siren Cuts Ambulance Wrecks in Half.” The service mentioned in the article reduced its intersection collisions from 16 to 8 after installing a new type of siren that emits a low frequency tone that causes reverberation. Of course collision reduction is great news, but this is likely a good […]