Are you really going to arrest an ED nurse?

I also thought of titling this post, “What would Fonzie do?” but that seems like a pretty dated reference. Or perhaps “How would Barney Stinson have played this situation?” Detective Jeff Payne, a Utah police officer and paramedic since 1983, became a viral news sensation when he handcuffed an emergency department nurse who refused to let him […]

EMS Tips

It’s time to rethink roadway safety

In 2016 two medical helicopters (Florida and New Mexico) have been struck by drunk drivers. Also struck by drunk drivers: Tow trucks and operators Police cruisers and law enforcement officers Ambulances and paramedics Fire trucks and firefighters It’s time to rethink roadway safety and apply hazardous materials concepts of time, distance and shielding. Read my […]

Health and Wellness

Everyday EMS Athlete: Christopher Strattner

EMS professionals are challenged to balance work, family, and other obligations while also staying or striving for mental and physical fitness. The Everyday EMS Athlete is a regular column to recognize and learn from other EMS professionals that are setting and meeting fitness goals. This edition was contributed by Christopher Strattner. What is your EMS […]

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You Didn't Have to Help but You Did …

… and before I could even ask there you were at my side helping me. Feces Everywhere Remember that time when the elderly lady had lain for hours in her own feces? I had already told you it was OK to leave, but you lingered for a moment. Then I knew why. Without hesitating you […]