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How to Write an April Fool’s Day Parody Post

One of my favorite articles to write is my annual contribution to the April Fool’s Day edition. I enjoy the chance to stretch my creative brain. Two of my past efforts: April 1, 2009: Stethoscope Calibration April 1, 2012: Prepare for the Looming Oxygen Shortage How To: When I prepare an April Fool’s Day […]


Alternate Posting Location: Nation’s 1st Pain Detection Dog

Rover can do just about anything. Read how Baskerville EMS has deployed the nation’s first pain detection dog. EMS agency deploys nation’s first pain detection K-9

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Goodbye to Our Best Friend

Earlier this week we said goodbye to our yellow labrador retriever, Sousa (working name). His official name was “Friese’s Finest Fellow” and he lived up to that expectation every day. He was an outstanding companion, search and rescue dog, and a loyal member of our family. He will be missed in ways more profound than […]