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New EMS Scope of Practice another step on evidence-based future

The EMS profession, increasingly, is basing its use of medications and procedures on evidence. Either evidence supporting the continuation of an existing practice or the adoption of a new practice. Or the ceasing a practice not supported by evidence. Of course, some practices go away or enter the profession more quickly than others. Evidence is […]

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Ambulance Siren Doesn’t Help Patients

Turn off the lights. Turn off the sirens. Get to the patient safely and alive. The evidence for ambulance siren and red light use was the subject of a NHTSA Office of EMS Focus webinar. The most interesting (and new to me) discussion point is that ambulance siren and red light use may discourage some […]

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National Child Passenger Safety Week: September 12-18

Participate in National Child Passenger Safety Week by following these Everyday EMS Tips: 1. Make sure your own kids are properly secured in a Child Passenger Safety Seat. As your child grows – in length and weight – make sure you receive a regular car seat check from a certified technician. Also make sure you […]