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Looking Ahead: the Fire Service on September 11, 2021

Yesterday Mike “FossilMedic” Ward asked Firegeezer readers, “What will the fire service look like by September 11, 2021?” Scope Limited to Adjacent Life and Property Protection With the increasing rarity of live victim rescues due to longer response times, a choice of taxpayers and policy makers, and an increasingly toxic fire and smoke environment, the […]

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Alternate Posting Location: What is MBWA?

MBWA is one of my top leadership techniques. Learn more about MBWA and how easy it is to do in a recent column. Some other EMS leadership tips: Listen to the EMS Leadership podcast Join the NEMSMA list serve Watch and listen to other leaders Read [amazon-product text=”7 Habits of Highly Effective People” type=”text”]0743269519[/amazon-product]

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Prioritizing Work Tasks

52 days until the end of 2010! Last week as I looked at my ever expanding work to-do list I wanted to prioritize what I could realistically get done between now and the end of the year. While keeping in mind three holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years). 1. List tasks. I made a list […]

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Book Review: Five Dysfunctions of a Team – a Leadership Fable

Teamwork is an inevitability of all aspects of life – family, school, sports, and work. How many different teams are you on? I joined a new team in early May when I became the Director of Education for CentreLearn Solutions, LLC. A few days after joining the team the company CEO asked me to read […]

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The EMS Leadership Challenge: Medical Author Chat with Mitchell Waite, PhD

Fire Chief, Paramedic, and EMS Educator Mitchell Waite, PhD discusses his books [amazon-product text=”The EMS Leadership Challenge” type=”text”]1609100239[/amazon-product] ,  [amazon-product text=”Fire Service Leadership theories and Practice” type=”text”]0763756172[/amazon-product], and a 400 Days a Call to Duty on this episode of the Medical Author Chat. Chief Waite leads the Wisconsin Rapids Fire Department. He has been in the […]

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Book Review: Rework from 37Signals

[amazon-product text=”Rework” type=”text”]0307463745[/amazon-product], from, is a series of essays about their beliefs about work, workplace behavior, and personal success. 37Signals is the maker of a very popular set of project management, contact management, and group collaboration software apps (link to 37Signals products). Rework is written by the founders of 37Signals, Jason Fried and David […]

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Stop Waiting for Someone to ask you to be a Leader

If you are waiting for your turn to make a difference, change the way things are done, or break free from conventional wisdom to transform your career and relationship with the EMS profession here are four things you can do to get going. 1. Find out how Natalie, aka Ms. Paramedic, is Making Thunder. 2. […]

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You Can Be Indispensable – Book Review of Linchpin by Seth Godin

We need you to be you more than ever! Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? is the newest book by author, big thinker, and provocateur Seth Godin. In this book he calls us to recognize that we all have capabilities as artists, to fight our basic instincts to blend in and go with the flow, and to […]

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Functional Fitness (#31daysofCE)

This morning health and wellness expert Melissa Cassera contributed an excellent guest post to Everyday EMS Tips about choosing healthy foods while working (living?) on the road. Regular readers know that personal health, fitness, and overall wellness are among my favorite topics for this blog. I thought I would follow-up Melissa’s post with a few […]

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Link: 31 Tips for EMS Managers and Leaders

Check out this great list of leadership and management tips for leaders at Leaders read about leading, talk about leading, and listen to other leaders. Make sure you listen to the EMS Leadership podcast.