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1. There was supposed to be change at Fairfax County Fire and Rescue  Investigations, reports and training programs were supposed to change and improve the culture at the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department after the suicide death of FF/Paramedic Nicole Mittendorff. Instead a Female battalion chief in charge of gender issues resigns in protest. Chief Kathleen Stanley was […]

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My First Coursera Course Completion: Grow to Greatness Part 1

Last week I finished my first Coursera course, Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Business, Part 1. The course was a combination of: Video lectures Online discussion forums Live video office hours Short quizzes Reading assignments The course finished with a multiple choice exam. A “passing score” was needed to earn this statement of […]

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Book Review: Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

How I went from gang member to multimillionaire entrepreneur by Ryan Blair. For reasons not totally clear or obvious to me a book publicist sent me [amazon-product text=”Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain” type=”text”]1591844037[/amazon-product] (Amazon Affiliate link) by Ryan Blair. Because I am generally interested in business and self-improvement books I decided to give the […]

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Father's Day Memory

This post was originally published at on June 17, 2009. Father Knows Best “Dad, what did you do at work today?” I asked benignly at dinner. He replied, “I quit my job and we are starting a business in the basement tomorrow.” That was the beginning of my afternoon and weekend apprenticeship in furniture […]

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Book Review: Rework from 37Signals

[amazon-product text=”Rework” type=”text”]0307463745[/amazon-product], from, is a series of essays about their beliefs about work, workplace behavior, and personal success. 37Signals is the maker of a very popular set of project management, contact management, and group collaboration software apps (link to 37Signals products). Rework is written by the founders of 37Signals, Jason Fried and David […]

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Audio: What is a Blog Network?

I have been invited to join a blog network for EMS and fire bloggers. I am honored to be invited to the blog network, but I don’t know much about blog networks so I contacted my friend Jim Kukral. Jim is an internet business and marketing expert. Listen to Jim, the Biz Web Coach, speak […]