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You Can Be Indispensable – Book Review of Linchpin by Seth Godin

We need you to be you more than ever! Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? is the newest book by author, big thinker, and provocateur Seth Godin. In this book he calls us to recognize that we all have capabilities as artists, to fight our basic instincts to blend in and go with the flow, and to […]

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Functional Fitness (#31daysofCE)

This morning health and wellness expert Melissa Cassera contributed an excellent guest post to Everyday EMS Tips about choosing healthy foods while working (living?) on the road. Regular readers know that personal health, fitness, and overall wellness are among my favorite topics for this blog. I thought I would follow-up Melissa’s post with a few […]

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Link: 31 Tips for EMS Managers and Leaders

Check out this great list of leadership and management tips for leaders at Leaders read about leading, talk about leading, and listen to other leaders. Make sure you listen to the EMS Leadership podcast.


EMS Management Tips

During October ran a series of EMS management tips. My favorite tip is from Skip Kirkwood, Chief of Wake County EMS “Don’t buy in to a “second-class citizen” state of mind. Believe, act like, and expect your personnel and organization will be treated with the same respect as their law enforcement, fire suppression and […]

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Meetings Made Easy Tips

If you schedule or are asked to schedule meeting after first confirming if the meeting is necessary follow these three Everyday EMS Tips: 1) Start on time 2) Follow an agenda 3) End on time (or early) If you are not confident that you will be able to accomplish 1 and 3 reschedule the meeting […]

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Difficult Partners: 5 Tips to Make it Through the Day

A while back Steve Whitehead wrote a great post for the that explained five things that he felt made an ideal partner. This prompted me to ask,  “What do you do if you get teamed up with a bad partner?” This is Steve’s response and Everyday EMS Tips for making it through the day […]

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National EMS Week Planning Resources

National EMS Week is just 8 days away. By now planning of events and recognition for your agency should be complete. What are you doing to celebrate the contributions of EMS to your community? Like most recognition days, weeks, or months I believe celebration and affirmation should be ongoing through the year and not set […]