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EpiPens are expensive, now what?

EpiPens are expensive and the price has been steadily increasing for years. Since price escalation, without a clear reason, has been a fact of EMS purchasing for several years, it seems EMS leaders have largely met the media and political umbrage with a yawn. Here are three things EMS leaders can contribute to the public […]

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EpiPen photos made me Flickr famous

For more than 10 years I have been writing for online trade publications (EMS1 and EMS World), posting to this blog, heavily tweeting and posting publicly to Facebook, podcasting hundreds of episodes, uploading presentations to SlideShare and just generally being an open book on the internet. But no post, Tweet, podcast, slide deck, article, YouTube […]

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EMS World Expo 2015 by the Numbers

This was my 2nd (maybe 3rd) time attending EMS World Expo in Las Vegas. I was glad to be back after missing EMS World Expo 2014 in Nashville because of a blizzard kept me from leaving Wisconsin. Here are some of the numbers from the week: 75 – Things in 75 Minutes The presentation, 75 things […]

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Posts Outside the Service Area: January 2014

January and February seem to bring out the best in EMS Bloggers. Perhaps we have all resolved to post more often and post better. A few of the posts that caught my eye and attention this month. When you visit each of these posts do the blogger a favor, social share or leave a comment. […]


Video: Voice Prompts from an Epi Auto-Injector

I have been waiting for a long time for pre-hospital medications and devices to get smarter. Microprocessors are small and cheap and guide us through all sorts of routine tasks. For years my GPS has talked me through byzantine highway interchanges, mazes of one way streets, and rural roads. It makes perfect sense that a […]


January Mailbag: Stuff for Training and Relaxing

Thanks to Dey Pharma I received the new EpiPen training materials. You can visit their website to view a training video on using the new and improved EpiPen. I also received this splendid hoodie and matching set of wine glasses from my friends at Road ID. Thanks! Most of the books I read in January […]

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New EpiPen: When did this happen?

Some time in 2012 Dey Pharma released a new version of the EpiPen. Visit their website to learn more about the device. If you call their 800 number you can request a trainer and training video. I just called and hope to receive a trainer soon. Do you know when the new EpiPen was released?