Press Release: 5 Alarm Applications Releases iPhone app for Recording Exposures

5 Alarm Applications™  recently announced their public release of the 5 Alarm iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® application . The 5 Alarm Exposure Recorder allows first-responders and healthcare professionals to document biological, chemical, environmental, and diesel exposures directly from the application. “My coworkers and I began to neglect our exposure reports because of the tedious […]

EMS Education Tips

Video: Create Flashcards for your iPod or iPhone

Paramedic and Blogger Florian demonstrates in this screencast how to use Keynote or PowerPoint to create a set of flash cards that can be imported into iTunes and from there into your iPod or iPhone. Thanks Florian for the great tip and training. You can also read a post from Florian that explains the same […]

App Reviews

App Review: Paramedic Review an Interactive Exam App for the iPhone

Paramedic Review, a new iPhone App from Limmer Creative, is a sophisticated exam prep app that can be used anywhere at anytime. Much like its counter part EMT Review, a veteran Paramedic or a new medic will benefit from this application. This app is a tool for education, and in my opinion in a world […]

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Press Release: smart-ICE 1.6.4

The First App to Talk for the Patient The “FIRST” iPhone/iPod app that will talk for a patient, when they can’t! These smart-ICE applications allow the owner to record a message with the most critical medical information that plays immediately upon opening or at the push of a “PLAY’ button. No time is wasted looking […]

EMS Tips

Smartphone Applications for EMS Professionals

Jim Hoffman, the EMS Professional, shared this website that lists 26 applications for the iPhone/iPod touch with me. Some of these, like epocrates, are probably available for other types of smartphones like the Blackberry. I occasionally use epocrates – mostly during training programs to confirm my knowledge about infrequently used drugs. How do you use […]