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Finding Work with Social Media

In 2009 I have gone all in with social media. The connections I have made have led to a podcast (, a new live online EMS education training program (, and a new website ( Together these projects have broadened my audience and exponentially expanded my network. They are also becoming a small and growing […]

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Reality and EMS Professionalism

The second episode of “Trauma” – the new prehospital drama – from NBC was on last night. I missed it. I was watching the Packers-Viking game (a much greater disappointment for this Packers fan). I had low expectations for “Trauma,” as I do for most television shows. I don’t think I ever expected fictional dramatic […]

Health and Wellness

Emergency Responder Fitness

Maintaining physical fitness, eating well, and attaining a healthy weight is a concern for many EMS providers. Or it should be a higher concern. Rotating shift schedules, long hours of posting, and little frequently interupted sleep can make fitness difficult. Connect with other EMS professionals interested in Fitness at Everyday EMS Athletes Tips, inspiration, […]