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Hearts Cutthroat

Hearts is an easy to play, easy to learn and fun card game for groups of three or more. It is also a staple evening game at our deer camp. We developed and tested a new version of hearts – cutthroat! Credit to Dennis S. for this fantastic variation to keep the game lively for […]


How I Used Audience Response Pads at EMS Expo #EMSExpo

At EMS Expo I used audience response pads during my two presentations to interact with the audience. The set of audience response pads I used were shared with me by ¬†John Dillon of C3Softworks.¬†Using the Turning Point software, an add-on for PowerPoint, I was able to embed questions into slides. When the slide opened participants […]

EMS Tips

Using Games to Teach

Somebody asked me recently if I thought games could be used to teach. Of course I think games, of all types, can be used to teach. Listen to paramedic and educator John Dillon talk about how he uses games to teach in this video. Also, John and I collaborate on the monthly game. ParamedicTV […]