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Bay Area Paramedic Journal Club Cycling Kit

Planning a long bike ride for Sunday morning. I will be looking F-I-N-E in my new cycling kit from the Bay Area Paramedic Journal Club. //

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3 Things I Don't Like to Do in May

Three things I don’t like to do in May: 1. Shovel the driveway 2. Run the furnace 3. Wear neoprene booties while cycling Thankfully I only needed to do two out of three today. Hopefully I am safe from number one since the shovel is stowed away in the shed until October.


Surly Pugsley: an All Conditions Bicycle

My friend Rich from Red Bike Medical Technologies proudly describes his new all-terrain and all-conditions bicycle. Staying fit, year round, requires adaptations to routine and equipment. Especially for outdoor exercise. What do you do to stay fit and active outdoors year round? //