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My First Coursera Course Completion: Grow to Greatness Part 1

Last week I finished my first Coursera course, Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Business, Part 1.

The course was a combination of:

  • Video lectures
  • Online discussion forums
  • Live video office hours
  • Short quizzes
  • Reading assignments

The course finished with a multiple choice exam. A “passing score” was needed to earn this statement of accomplishment.

Grow to Greatness Screen Capture

Continuous Learning with Coursera

I am quite bullish about Coursera as a personal or organizational continuous learning tool. With hundreds of courses across many academic disciplines students and professionals have access to leading academics at no cost, other than the time to participate. I plan to continue my learning throughout 2013 with several other Coursera courses. I am also enrolled in these upcoming courses:

What is on your continuous learning to-do list for 2013? 

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