Video: Voice Prompts from an Epi Auto-Injector

I have been waiting for a long time for pre-hospital medications and devices to get smarter. Microprocessors are small and cheap and guide us through all sorts of routine tasks. For years my GPS has talked me through byzantine highway interchanges, mazes of one way streets, and rural roads. It makes perfect sense that a medication can now verbally guide a layperson, EMT, paramedic, nurse, or MD through administration of a life saving medication.

Watch this short video of the Auvi-Q epinephrine auto-injector.

Remember we don’t need EMTs for their prowess at using an EpiPen. We need EMTs because they can determine when anaphylaxis is present and an EpiPen is indicated.

By Greg

Elearning designer, writer, podcaster, blogger, presenter and paramedic. To relax I run and bike as far and as fast as I can. Also like to read a lot and fast.