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EpiPen photos made me Flickr famous


For more than 10 years I have been writing for online trade publications (EMS1 and EMS World), posting to this blog, heavily tweeting and posting publicly to Facebook, podcasting hundreds of episodes, uploading presentations to SlideShare and just generally being an open book on the internet.

But no post, Tweet, podcast, slide deck, article, YouTube video, screencast, or photo has been as extensively republished than a set of How to use an EpiPen photos, part of an EMS equipment album, I posted to Flickr in February 2012.

Those photos regularly show up in news stories, like Parents struggle with EpiPen during severe allergic reactions: UBC study, and blog posts.

EpiPen Auto Injector

Never underestimate the potential power of granting a Creative Commons license allowing others to share and adapt.

Perhaps it is time for me to add some more photos.