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Paramedics and paramedic students, subscribe to Medic Mindset podcast. You can find the podcast, four episodes and counting, on: iTunes SoundCloud After the Ambulance Driver, Kelly Grayson, mentioned the Medic Mindset podcast I give it a listen. The content, flow of conversation and questions are outstanding. Ginger Locke, the show host, facilitates an informative and […]

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Who is our EMS dear and fearless leader?

Last week I imagined a rainbow brightened and unicorn laden future for EMS funded by the enormous Powerball jackpot. $600 million became $700 million which became $800 million and by the time the numbers were drawn Saturday night $900 million was at stake. The Ambulance Driver (aka Kelly Grayson) has proposed an alternative spending plan for […]


EMS Books – Continue Your Education

There are lots and lots of books for EMTs and Paramedics to start your education or continue your education. I am looking forward to reading “Handle with Care: The Ferno Story” which I received this week from Ferno and is available on Amazon. Thanks! The Ambulance Driver, Kelly Grayson, recommended 10 books every paramedic should own. […]

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Concealed Carry for EMS: 2 Questions

Concealed carry for paramedics and EMTs has been a hot topic in the EMS blogosphere recently. Other bloggers have already waxed poetically and philosophically on the topic. For some of the best see Ambulance Driver and EduMedic. There was also this article about EMTs that want to carry guns on the job. I understand the absolutist argument that […]

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If Tim Tebow was a Paramedic

The Medic Madness blog has a regular series of humor posts about celebrity paramedics. I proposed to Sean and other bloggers that we write posts about “If Tim Tebow was a Paramedic.” The Ambulance Driver’s post on If Tim Tebow was a Paramedic. The Happy Medic also shares his thoughts on Tim Tebow as a […]

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CPR: It's So Easy a Blogger Can Do It!

Kelly Grayson, author of the Ambulance Driver Blog, and TOTWTYTR, author of the Too Old To Work Too Young To Retire, paused from their breakfast at a New Jersey dinner to resuscitate a woman in an adjacent booth that experienced sudden cardiac arrest. Great work! Kelly’s blog post of the event is OUTSTANDING – one […]