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EMSEduCast: A look back to season 1

EMSEduCast – the podcast by and for EMS Educators – has now recorded more than 100 episodes. Recently I was looking back at our first season of 29 episodes. These episodes, still available at and iTunes, are full of resources, teaching ideas, and insightful discussions of important EMS education issues. Looking back on season […]

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CPR: It's So Easy a Blogger Can Do It!

Kelly Grayson, author of the Ambulance Driver Blog, and TOTWTYTR, author of the Too Old To Work Too Young To Retire, paused from their breakfast at a New Jersey dinner to resuscitate a woman in an adjacent booth that experienced sudden cardiac arrest. Great work! Kelly’s blog post of the event is OUTSTANDING – one […]

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Video About Medic One History

The King County Washington Medic One program is one of the top EMS systems in the country. The sudden cardiac arrest survival rate for witnessed v-fib is nearing 50%. Watch this video about the history of the program and the focus of the system on sudden cardiac arrest survival. To know where you are going […]