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App Review: Rapitube iPhone App for Rapid Sequence Intubation

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B&R Medical has released the Rapitube app for iPhone for Rapid Sequence Intubation.  This little bundle of dynamite (0.2MB) is a functional and powerful RSI quick reference guide.

Rapitube Features

Simply select Adult or Pediatric and the patient’s weight.  Rapitube does the rest for you.  The app recommends ETT and LMA sizes. It also organizes and calculates drug doses.

Want more info on any of the medications ?  No problem. Touch the name, drug class, dosage and a brief description is displayed.

Once patient weight is entered all of this information is displayed on the screen – in a font that is easy to see without extra effort. Simply scroll to view:

  • ETT Size
  • LMA size
  • Pretreatment Medications
  • Induction Agents
  • Paralytic Agents
  • Maintenance Medications

Great Design

The best thing about this app is its sleek, no frills design.  There is absolutely no fumbling around to enter or find the information you need.  Just click and done.  There is very little learning curve. Without any training I handed Rapitube to my service director and four other medics.  With no explanation they were up and running.

There simply is no clutter in the app.  This is an app that can easily be handed to another responder on-scene and they could operate it for you (keeping infection control in mind). My 10-year-old son easily operated the app and provided me with the information in a mock scenario!

Entering Notes

One feature I would like to see in the Rapitube app is the ability to enter my own notes.  Not all protocols are the same. Different Medical Directors want different meds and dosages.  To be able to add your own notes and line up the display with individual protocols would be the perfect enhancement.

Download Rapitube

More information on RapidTube can be found at Rapitube or in the iTunes store.

Steve is a 20 year Fire Officer, EMT, Paramedic Student and First Responder/EMT instructor.  Recently retired from the United States Air Force, he is now working for a private ambulance service in Missouri.

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