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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Book by an EMS Author

Mike Morse posted the Top 10 Reasons to Write an EMS Book on Rescuing Providence.

Here are my 10 reasons to buy a book from the Everyday EMS Tips Books Store by authors like Peter Canning, Michael Morse, and Kelly Grayson.

10. Book authors have bills to pay. When you buy their book for yourself or as a gift the author makes a little bit of money. (if you are the author this might be the #1 reason)

9. Every purchase and rating increases the visibility of EMS author books in categories like Emergency Medicine, Healthcare, and Humor. It’s a positive feedback loop.

8. Most of the books are really good. My favorites EMS books are Paramedic, Rescuing Providence, and Population 485.

7. Good ideas are worth sharing. When you are done reading you will have a great gift to pass to a co-worker, friend, or relative.

6. I have bills to pay. When you buy a book I make a small commission on the sale. That revenue helps support the site and allows me to continue my blogging efforts.

5. It is hard to come up with 10 reasons … perhaps that is why I stick to short articles and blog posts, rather than books. It is really hard to write a book. Give the author a high five by buying their book.

4. Books by EMS authors help you learn about other EMS systems. Every EMT and Paramedic should read at least one NYC EMS book. If you are an urban system read a book by a rural paramedic.

3. EMS books capture the history of EMS. I love reading about jobs from old time paramedicine – pushing an amp of bicarb and after calling for orders to start an IV.

2. You can learn from real and imagined patient calls that have been experienced by others. If Kelly Grayson was your partner how would you run the call? If your squad had just been in a firefight in Iraq how would you respond as the combat medic?

1. Reading, even about EMS, is a great way to manage stress and let your mind relax between jobs (that’s what they call responses in NYC … or so I have learned), between shifts, or as you to fall asleep at night.

Share your favorite EMS book in the comments. 

If you could have any EMS book on your Kindle or in your shift bag which one would it be? I might just buy a lucky reader or two a book so don’t be shy. 

Start your reading list with one of my 9 Favorite EMS Books in the Everyday EMS Tips Bookstore.

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