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Best EMT Test Prep Ideas

At the Minnesota EMS Educators conference I was really struck when Heather Davis said, “More practice tests are more effective than more studying.
If you fail a written test, especially if the questions are application and comprehension, rather than retention your time is better spent becoming a better test taker.
Sure if you fail a retention test (recall of facts) you need more studying, but most tests are application and comprehension. Students fail those tests because they:
  • can’t determine what the question is asking
  • can’t apply knowledge when under stress
  • can’t find the right answer among distracting answers
Solve this by taking as many practice tests as possible.
If the hands-on/practical skills are your failure point:
  • Practice the skill stations every day, over and over. Repetition is your friend
  • Have a colleague/friend/family member watch and check you off as you go
  • If you make a mistake, correct it and finish the station
  • After each practice review what you might have done wrong or need to improve, but don’t dwell on it
  • Make sure to review what you did well and correctly
Read more about my time at the MN EMS Educators conference.

By Greg

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