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Must Read: Money Smart Medic Series

Sean at has been writing a great series of posts, the Money Smart Medic, about his personal journal to take control of his life by taking control of his income and expenses. His journey is a MUST READ for any medic. I first wrote about my own experience with¬†financial peace and freedom in 2009. […]


Alternate Posting Location: Earth Day Energy and Money Saving Tips

At I have shared tips for saving energy at home or work. The tips I share in the post are saving us so much that our utility bill actually went down during the winter and I saved enough to get a whole month of energy use credit. In 2009 I wrote about doing the […]

Book Reviews

Book Review: Three Cups

I was fortunate to receive a review copy of [amazon-product text=”Three Cups: a lesson in life and money for children” type=”text”]1400317495[/amazon-product]¬†(Amazon affiliate link) from just before Christmas. In a quick and easy to understand parable, Three Cups introduces children to some foundational money management principles. Any household or personal budget needs to begin with […]