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Book Review: Three Cups

I was fortunate to receive a review copy of [amazon-product text=”Three Cups: a lesson in life and money for children” type=”text”]1400317495[/amazon-product] (Amazon affiliate link) from just before Christmas. In a quick and easy to understand parable, Three Cups introduces children to some foundational money management principles. Any household or personal budget needs to begin with […]

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$50 Looking for a Great Cause

Last December I wrote, Charitable Giving is a Habit – Pass it On! In that post I share my tips and reasons for giving. I am always looking for great causes to support through my time, talent (for example, blog post and podcast mentions), and treasure. I have at least $50 that I want to […]

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Charitable Giving is a Habit – Pass it On!

One of the best personal habits you can cultivate is charitable giving and I am sure many of you regularly give to or tithe to your church, community organizations, and national/international charities. For my wife and I charitable giving is an important habit that we first learned from our parents and now we are consciously […]

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Kiowa County EMS Leads Community Effort to Support Breast Cancer Research Foundation

This is a guest post by paramedic and service director Chad Pore. If you want to guest post or review on this blog, check out the guidelines here. October is breast cancer awareness month. We believe that EMS is an integral part of our community and feel it is important that we work to show […]