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Trauma: Premiere Party Recap

I admit it. I watched Trauma last night, but I mostly tweeted, chatted, and commented with Chris Montera and Jamie Davis on a special episode of the MedicCast Live. I was so busy keeping up with the chat room traffic that I need to watch the episode again so I am prepared for next week. […]

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Audio: EMS Education Study Skills

A new semester has started for many first time EMT students and EMTs returning to school to be Paramedics. If you are looking for tips and strategies to succeed don’t miss episode 184 of the MedicCast. Rob Theriault and I joined Jamie Davis and a live audience of MedicCast listeners to discuss our top tips […]


5 Study Tips for EMT Students

Just read a great post at the MedicCast on study tips for EMT students. Jamie recommends creating a set of flash cards about concepts and a second set of flash cards about different patient types. Here are a few more Everyday EMS Tips for studying: 1. Form a study group. Ask each member to make […]

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New EMS Product Purchasing Questions

Jamie Davis, the podmedic and host of the MedicCast, has selected his top product innovations from the EMS Today conference. Read Jamie’s descriptions of the Turley Backboard Pad and MyClyns Personal Antimicrobrial Spray. When purchasing new products for your EMS service ask these questions?

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EMT Students: Change to NREMT Bleeding and Shock Skill Sheet

The NREMT bleeding and shock skill sheet has changed recently. If direct pressure is not successful for severe extremity bleeding proceed immediately to application of a tourniquet. Learn more about this change from our friend Jamie Davis in episode 168 of the MedicCast.. This change was also part of the EMSEduCast episode 10 discussion with […]