Audio: EMS Education Study Skills


A new semester has started for many first time EMT students and EMTs returning to school to be Paramedics. If you are looking for tips and strategies to succeed don’t miss episode 184 of the MedicCast. Rob Theriault and I joined Jamie Davis and a live audience of MedicCast listeners to discuss our top tips for study skills, time management, working with a partner, and more to succeed in EMT class.

Preparation and success in training is one of my favorite topics to discuss. I want to help you succeed. Consider these other programs to get to the top of your class.

1) EMS Boot Camp Session 1 – test taking tips and strategies for EMT and Paramedic students. A webinar that features great question and answer between the audience and me and Jim Hoffman.

2) EMS Boot Camp Session 2 – preparing for EMT and paramedic school. An interactive online training program on how to thrive in school.

3) MedicCast Extra – the bonus content created by Jamie Davis for subscribers to the MedicCast. Inside the extra you will find commercial free podcasts, as well as numerous tips and resources to help you succeed as an EMS professional.

MedicCast Extra Study Aids

Let me know if you need a guest for your podcast, conference, or staff meeting to discuss how to excel as an EMS professional.