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Smartphone App Recommendations: Do you know your stuff Part 2

I asked Everyday EMS Tips enewsletter readers for their smartphone app recommendations.

Rom’s Rules for Apps and Job Aids

Paramedic, firefighter, and expert educator Rom Duckworth of Rescue Digest led the replies with this response:

I have three rules for references / apps/ job aides.

1) They must be up to date.
2) They must be at hand when you’ll need them.
3) You must be able to quickly find what you’re looking for.

To try to utilize memorization to address low-frequency, high-impact skills like pediatric resuscitation (among others) is to invite disaster, no matter how skilled the provider.

Specific app recommendations …


Ron writes, “I agree that medics should know or have a better that average feel for proper treatment. But I also agree that apps and aids are essential ref points for those times where nothing’s makes sense. The only app I can say is a must have for me is micromedex (iTunes link).┬áIt covers all drugs not just what we use but anything that’s out there from the latest to the old stand by drugs.”

UPMC EMS Navigator

UPMCTed shared, “the UPMC app, UPMC EMS Navigator on both Apple and Android is an invaluable tool.”

Jeff also wrote about the UPMC EMS Navigator app:

In my previous job, I was instrumental in putting together the EMS app that was released in 2011. Please take a look and offer your feedback on the UPMC EMS App. It is available on both Apple and Android networks.

Our team worked on that App for about 6 months prior to releasing. In the beginning it was to just “put it out there.” However, as we began developing the app, we realized how valuable a resource it could be for those providers who either needed it as a reminder, or even utilized it to help them manage low frequency, high acuity patients.

Again, please take some time to review, and I would enjoy hearing your feedback on the UPMC EMS App.

eBroselow SafeDose

Bill writes, “eBroselow SafeDose is the BEST pediatric application out there…..goes by weight or Broselow color.” Watch a YouTube video about the SafeDose app.

Blue Card

G writes, “I’ve got an app from Children’s National called Blue Card. Plug in age or weight and you get pediatric vitals, meds , equipment size.”

ERG 2012

Author, EMT, firefighter and friend Ed Mund shared, ”

With an interstate freeway and dozens of freight trains daily running through our jurisdiction, I really like the 2012 edition ERG app.”

SAMHSA Behavioral Health Disaster Response App

Ed also submitted another suggestion. He wrote, “Here’s another good one from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) called the SAMHSA Behavioral Health Disaster Response App. It’s free and full of resources, including just-in-time training and refresher material. Even though it has “Disaster” in the title, the information is useful and relevant even for a one-on-one encounter with a person experiencing mental health issues.


Blanton Marchese the founder of Gurumedic wrote, “The best test I have taken was for my FPC. I don’t think they asked one medication dosing question. I assumed by the time you get to “real” critical care patients the system knows you should be experienced enough to reference something. I laugh when I hear guys question me using a reference guide because it shows they have never reached the level I have. I personally use Medscape. Once I started using it on a regular bases I can reference things in seconds. I like this app too because it does everything and not just meds. Just my two cents after 22 years and every class I could find to take.”

A Whole Bunch of Apps

Jim says, “Go to “Google Play” on the internet and get:

  • Drip Rate Calculator
  • Drip Timer
  • Mastering Drug Calculations
  • Medical Formulas
  • Pocket Engineer (fire)
  • Virtual Triage START
  • ERG 2012 for Android
  • Medscape
  • Epocrates”

Please add your app recommendations in the comments. Thanks!

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