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Do you know your stuff: Part 1

Earlier today I asked subscribers to the Everyday EMS Tips weekly enewsletter, “Do you know your stuff?”

The response was rapid and overwhelming.

Paramedics and Job Aids (or checklists or apps)

Yesterday during the pediatric resuscitation webinar presented by Dr. Peter Antevy there was a discussion about using apps, job aids, and or checklists for medication dosages and administration. A few of the webinar attendees commented that “paramedics need to know their stuff” with the implication that consulting a reference during patient assessment and care is a sign of inadequacy or incompetence. 

I completely disagree. Job aids and checklists, regardless of the form they take…a laminated card or a smartphone app…can improve assessment, reduce treatment errors, and increase patient satisfaction. What do you think?

One of the great revelations to me when I worked in an urgent care was what the physician assistants and doctors did after they left the patient’s exam room. The caregivers paged through reference books, looked up medication dosages on smartphone apps, and discussed interventions with their peers. Medicine was not limited to what they had between their ears. The real magic is being able to access resources and find needed information.

Do you have a favorite app or job aid? Reply in the comments with links for other readers. Thanks!

In upcoming posts I will be sharing some of the responses that I received from the enewsletter.

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