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Product Review: Maxxeon WorkStar 2030 Floodlight

Best Flash Light I have ever owned. 

If you need light in dark places this flash lights is a go anywhere, light anything, long lasting machine.

Note: I was sent a Maxxeon WorkStar 2030 in November, 2013 for a product review. I have been too busy using the flashlight to actually sit down and write this review. Learn more about the light from the Maxxeon website.

2014-04-20 13.37.50

Field Testing: Deer Camp

I received my Maxxeon WorkStar 2030 the day before I left for my annual trek to Deer Camp. I consider it great fortune that our deer camp has no running water and no electricity. But with early sunset and late sunrise we need plenty of headlamps, flashlights, and lanterns for meal preparation, finding our way in and out of deer stand, and playing cards late into the night.

My Maxxeon WorkStar 2030 was an immediate hit around the cabin because:

It is CAMOUFLAGE…everything at deer camp is better if it is either blaze orange or real tree camo

  • The flashlight head swivels in two planes to light any nook or cranny. The head tilts 180 degrees and the neck rotates 360 degrees
  • A hook is built into the base so the light can hang from a nail to light the dinner table or a tree branch to light a down deer needing field dressing
  • The LED bulb is shadow free – it has “no hot/dark spots”
  • Magnets built into base allow me to stick the light to any metal surface, wall, or hook
  • Belt clip made it easy and secure to carry the light into and out of my tree stand2014-04-20 13.37.36

Field Testing: Pond Skating at Night

We used the Maxxeon WorkStar 2030 to light up our outdoor skating rink. We either attached it to a metal post on the dock or the kids skated with it and used it as a headlight.

My kids proved the durability and toughness of the flashlight by playing a game they called “FIREWORKS!” The rules are pretty simple.
1) turn on light,
2) throw it high in the air with a bit of spin,
3) oooohhh and aaahhh as the light circles through the air,
4) hold breath as the falling light slams into the ice,
5) repeat until dad says, “No more fireworks!”

Field Testing: Temporary Laundry Room Light Fixture

The fluorescent fixture in our laundry room died. Bad ballast. With no overhead light in an other wise dark room we just placed the Maxxeon WorkStar 2030 on the counter and pointed the light at the ceiling. We had more than enough light to take shoes on or off and to run loads of laundry.

2014-04-20 13.38.48

Field Testing: Power Outage Emergency Light

A late season snow and ice storm caused a power outage. Our first action was to find the Maxxeon WorkStar 2030 to find other flashlights and candles. The flashlight contains a rechargeable battery – a good thing, but also a liability at a weekend of deer camp or during a prolonged power outage. The Maxxeon ships with a 12V DC car adapter.

Contractor Envy

A series of construction contractors have seen and used my Maxxeon WorkStar 2030 while working on project at our house. To a one they have said, “I am going to get one of those.” Maxxeon has a series of WorkStar lights for professionals.

2014-04-20 13.38.37

EMS Application

  • The Maxxeon WorkStar also comes in black. For EMS and Fire I think a neon yellow or neon green would be ideal.
  • The belt clip, hook, and built-in magnets make this light ideal for lighting up the odd spaces – vehicles, under vehicles, construction sites, and outdoor locations EMS finds patients.
  • The smooth beam with no hot or dark spots would be ideal for lighting a patient’s skin during an IV start.

Have you used a Maxxeon WorkStar 2030? What are your favorite features? 

By Greg

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