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Alternate Posting Location: What’s with Wuhan for EMS

Last week I posted two EMS1 articles about EMS and the Wuhan coronavirus. Why EMS leaders need to discuss the Wuhan coronavirus with the public, media Is EMS prepared for an epidemic or pandemic?

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EMS1 – Dallas Standoff – Gold Medal Norovirus – Opioid Epidemic Response Flounders

1. Dallas SWAT Steps Away from Killer for Hours ( Powerful. How the Dallas SWAT team cornered and killed the July 7 police shooter Go inside with the Dallas SWAT team as they tracked, talked to and killed the man who had killed five police officers and injured nine others. Interviews with the SWAT officers […]

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Use an Online Training System to Teach EMS Personnel about Ebola Virus Disease

Ebola is┬ádominating the news and there has been a flurry of information, checklists, and resources created for EMS Personnel. Today I created two training videos on how to use an online training system to assign a document to EMS personnel to review the CDC Ebola Virus Disease screening criteria. How to Educate Personnel on the […]